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 Pleased to meet you.   Hope you like my page.

I was a pretty lonely kid growing up, so the vast majority of my childhood friends are fictional characters… although they seemed real enough to me, back then, and honestly, most of them still do.  Tom and Huck, Batman and Robin, Doc Savage and Monk and Ham,  Tom Swift, Jr and Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, Bill Lermer, Dan Davis, and Thorby Baslim Krausa Rudbek, Conan the Barbarian, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes, Reed and Sue and Ben and Johnny, Cap and Hawkeye and Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, Danny Torrance and Mark Petrie and Harold Lauder, Carl and Trent and Malko Kalhari, Trav and Meyer, Jupiter and Pete and Bob… these were the smart, funny, good looking, incredibly cool & awesome folks who would always hang out with me, who would take me along on adventures with them and never ever make fun of me or call me names or beat me up.

So on this site, you can find links to my own humble offerings in return… stories and characters that are inspired by, if certainly not equal to, my own childhood friends and their exploits.  Dean Nydecker, who had no clue what he was getting into when he accepted an offer to work as an interdimensional troubleshooter for an organization called Universal Maintenance.  Webster Madison, middle aged roleplaying gamer, who got a chance to live out his wildest dreams and his worst nightmares all at once, as a super powered pawn in an incomprehensible alien Endgame.   Jim, whose first thought upon being handed a working Time Watch is to zip back to 1963 and buy Silver Age superhero comics right off the spinner rack.   Warren Dawson, who finds that absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely, when he uses his godlike abilities to create Warren’s World.

There are also superheroes and supervillains (in both ZAP FORCE and MARVELING), exiled Egyptian gods reincarnated as nerdy high school students (LEAGUE OF ANUBIS), heroic FBI agents and horrible demon worshipping cannibal serial killers (in HARVEST NIGHT), ancient monsters and teenage monster-fighters (in CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED), undead hordes (in both FEAR MASTERS and DERBY CITY DEAD), dauntless secret agents and beautiful, brilliant super scientists,  masked crimefighters, swashbucklers, sorcerers, and sword swinging mercenary captains (in THE ZOMBIE RAY FROM OUTER SPACE AND OTHER PULP TALES) and even a few super-Nazis (in WILD BLUE YONDER).

I hope you find something on this site that’s of interest to you, and if you buy it and read it, I hope you enjoy it and come back here and buy and read something else.

So click on the banner at the top of the page, scroll down a little, and see if something catches your mind’s eye.

And I’ll be back soon with a little more…

– D.A. Madigan

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D.A. MADIGAN has milked cows, washed dishes, checked student IDs Saturdays nights at Syracuse University’s only all girls’ dorm, ground lenses,  typed insurance forms and City Council minutes, and done a lot of other stuff even less interesting.

While doing all this foolishness to pay the bills, he’s also written a collection of short stories and 14 novels (with more in the works), all of which are available via links on this site.  Along the way, he was a semi-finalist in Made in 502 creative writing contest in 2013 and he was voted Louisville’s Best Local Author in 2011 by the readership of the Louisville Eccentric Observer (“LEO”).  He is a member of the prestigious Horror Writer’s Association as of April 2015.  

He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with his gorgeous and brilliant wife and his three awesome and amazing daughters.

He is fully committed to making fetch happen.