Drug abuse. Demon worship. Governmental overreach. Child exploitation. The right kind of knowledge in the hands of the wrong kind of people. Cosmic catastrophes caused by super intellectuals meddling with closed entropic loops. The dehumanization that seems inevitable within a highly technologized society.

These are vital issues with vast consequences for ourselves and our children and grand children. What will we do about these problems? How will we do it? Where, and when?

Mad Paradise Publishing is proud and pleased to bring you NOWHERE STORIES, an anthology that proposes no solutions, that offers no final truths, but only explores the implausible, the imponderable, and the imperturbable paradoxes of possibility.

Because we have been nowhere; we are nowhere and we are heading nowhere, faster than any of us want to believe.

These eight tales, by two of the 21st Century’s most prolific, persuasive, and perplexing storytellers, are sign posts on the highway there.

Read them… if you dare.


MAD PARADISE PUBLISHING is proud to present 8 stories by two of humanity’s most prolific, persuasive, and perplexing authors, Konstantine Paradias and D.A. Madigan.