Awakening in a strange place, possessed of the super powered fantasy body he’d always wanted, gamer geek Webster Madison was delighted and thrilled… until he learned that the price for his power would be his participation in a deadly alien game that could cost him not only his new avatar-form, but also his sanity, or even his life!

Now Webster and thirty other transformed roleplaying gamers from Earth find themselves enmeshed as living chess pieces in a contest whose rules they cannot comprehend, and where every move, the slightest misstep, can result in a sudden, horrible, grisly death — while the insidious and alien alien overlords responsible for their transformations test their new champions, often to destruction.

Those transformed superhumans who survive these trials will be sent on a mysterious mission even more hazardous than the game itself, with an enormous reward waiting at the end for the victors. Or so they are all told… but Webster suspects that in a world where no one is what they appear to be,  nothing they have been told is the truth, either… and if he cannot somehow determine actuality from illusion in this dangerous labyrinth of perilous power, neither Webster nor any of his fellow super powered pawns will make it through the ENDGAME alive…

“Webster Madison is not your usual flashy superhero…”

– Carl Wilson