Harvest Night Cover Art 2


They moved to Redhaven because of its folksy charm, its old fashioned small town feel, its safe schools and its nonexistent crime rate.

They moved to Redhaven because the town’s locally owned bank is so reasonable and generous with low interest mortgages and small business start up loans.

They moved to Redhaven because everyone there is so friendly, so neighborly, so helpful and pleasant and kind and decent.

They moved to Redhaven because the town made them feel safe.


…one they won’t live to regret…

Reader’s Advisory:  This novel contains scenes that sane readers will find disturbing, including incredibly graphic descriptions of horrific violence and unimaginably depraved sexual acts. Obviously, this is a work exclusively intended for mature audiences.


“Probably my favorite book this year along with Weir’s “The Martian”

– The Reverend Dr. Richards


“a cross between ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE PURGE.”

– lunablue


“Maybe the best, most well thought out small town horror mythology I’ve ever read.  Dude goes all out.”
  – vivatoto, absolutepunk.net


“Definitely a master work. Highly recommended.”

– Lisa R.


“… an unremittingly dark, wrenchingly violent horror novel told with considerable skill and in-your-face brio and all the more chilling because, at its core, it is a story about the slow decay of the American century.”

    – John McDaid, harddeadlines.com