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In the late 21st Century, the Global Union has mostly united mankind and brought lasting peace to the surface of the Earth… until the dead start rising from their graves to attack the living. Across the globe, panic and terror cause chaos to erupt, civilization to crumble, and humanity itself to totter on the very brink of extinction.

Only three members of the Global Union’s top secret Science Sector have any inkling of what is actually going on. Now they must undertake a perilous journey into the airless depths of outer space and beyond the borders of death itself in a last ditch attempt to save humanity from the evil alien Fear Masters that seek our utter, final destruction.

Can two tough as nails secret agents and a beautiful, brilliant super-scientist ‘git ‘er done’?

“Darren Madigan had me at ‘zombie apocalypse in the mid 21st century and how an African-American lesbian secret agent, her redneck fellow special operative, and a gorgeous mad scientist must strive to save the world from the legions of the living dead.’

I mean, sincerely… it’s worth checking out on the basis of that alone, don’t you think?”

Greg Rucka, bestselling author of QUEEN AND COUNTRY