The Anubis Society is the coolest club a young geek could hope to join in the town of Del Ray. When high school juniors Mike Nelson and Vicki Hansen are invitedĀ in, they believe that’s all the Anubis is… an awesome place to hang out, play RPGs and Magic: the Gathering, read comics, and generally get their nerd on.

But behind the Anubis Society lurks the much more secretive League of Anubis… a tiny clique of highly imaginative local high school kids who just happen to be reincarnated Egyptian gods… and upon whose shoulders rests the fate of not only the mortal realm, but the very Land of the Gods itself…

When Mike and Vicki rediscover their own true natures and mystical heritages, ancient passions re-awaken, and ancient jealousiesĀ flare — while a darkness from beyond time and space moves to devour all reality as we know it…

“Huge plot twists? Check. Non-stop action? Check. Engaging voice? Yep. Two of them. If you like genre fiction that’s fast paced and imaginative, this book delivers the goods. The way the plot careened in directions no one could ever guess combined with the mythic references that gave a sense of an underlying structure reminded me a lot of Roger Zelazny.”

L.T. Vargus, best selling author of CASTING SHADOWS EVERYWHERE