TSHE - Front Cover 2

For Lloyd and Megan, it had been a pretty typical day at the office… until the building they both worked in was invaded by ravenous lizard-things that wanted to eat them alive. Now they’re running for their lives, their only goal to somehow get down to the ground floor, where they can escape into the city and hopefully get help from someone… the police, the Army, the National Guard… anyone with enough firepower to take out a six story building full of carnivorous alien monsters.

But when they discover that the entire city of Louisville, Kentucky seems to have fallen prey to a horde of hundreds of different unEarthly creatures, all of whom are grabbing and devouring every human they can get their tentacles, claws, paws, tendrils, or manipulating cilia on, they realize there is no sanctuary anywhere… and unless they can find some way to fight back against their attackers, they will become just the latest gobbets of human meat ground up and devouredĀ in…