Jim here.

Look, I was just sitting at the pool chatting with Liz, the big titted blonde chick from England, when all of a sudden these goons pop in out of nowhere and try to blow my head off!

They had wrist watches like mine, so I guess they were time travelers. Probably want MY watch back.

No way, dudes.

I’d been using my watch to buy classic superhero comic books right off the spinner rack back in 1963. But once that happened, I knew I had to check out the future where my watch came from. I’d been meaning to, but I kept putting it off.

But if they’re going to send people back to KILL me… hey. NOT COOL.

When Mr. X gave me the watch, he told me the date that he’d jumped in from. So I knew the time had come.

But I had no idea what was waiting for me in the late 21st Century. An alien conspiracy to destroy Earth, an army of crazy time travelers armed to the teeth with futuristic weapons… and a gorgeous and sexy female artificial intelligence who was my only ally in the war to save Earth’s future.

No way I’m getting out of this alive…