At the far end of time and space lies ERBEROS — a savage, brutal, barbaric world perpetually torn by an endless war between light and dark.

When Richard Burroughs, a 21st Century engineering consultant, finds himself somehow stranded there, he is immediately thrust into battle with the eldritch, evil forces of the Chaos Serpent and its inhuman servitors the Yss. Hacking his way across the face of this vicious world with a broadsword in his hand, Richard must somehow make sense of the baffling array of mysteries and enigmas that Erberos presents… all while fending off the withering onslaught of an endless horde of merciless monsters and ferocious foes.

Steeped in atmosphere, rich in detail, splashed with blood and glory, WARLORD OF ERBEROS harkens back to a bygone era of splendidly savage heroism and larger than life adventure.

“This is a fun and well-crafted riff on ERB’s Barsoom books, with a nice injection of modern racial attitudes and ideas. Very worth reading if you like ERB.”

Arofan T. Gregory