It’s 1983 in New Sparta. It’s always 1983 in New Sparta. And in 1983 in New Sparta, it’s all about Warren Dawson.

The movie theaters only show Warren’s favorite films.  The TV stations only broadcast Warren’s favorite shows.  The radio stations all play Warren’s favorite songs,  all day and all night.

Whether he’s in his swanky bachelor pad gaming with his closest college buddies, cruising the streets of New Sparta in his beautifully restored ’59 Cadillac El Dorado with all his friends piled into the front and back seats, playing masterful lead guitar in his favorite 70s rock band, or slaying monsters and rescuing maidens as a brawny thewed barbarian in an awesome sword and sorcery setting, Warren is always the best, the brightest, the fastest and funniest, the strongest and smartest person in the room… the building… the city… the world.

For all Warren’s friends, New Sparta in the perpetual year of 1983 is paradise.  None of them will ever get sick, hurt, or old.  They will always have each other, and they will always have Warren… smiling, jolly Warren, to whom no one can ever say no.  Oh, sure, Ellie and Leslie may provide Warren with whatever sexual favors he requires at any given moment, but that’s okay, they like doing that… and their boyfriends don’t mind, because it’s Warren, and who could get mad at Warren?  Dave may spend all eternity bagging groceries at the local supermarket, Rick may well  work for chump change as assistant manager at the local cineplex forever, Jimmy may be doing janitorial work at a local car dealership until the end of time, Brian may never ever graduate from his perpetual ROTC program… but long term memory is a short term thing in Warren’s World, and at night and on the weekends, there is always Warren to hang out with, Warren to game with, and if you’re a good looking babe, Warren to get jiggy with.

Warren’s World without end, amen, amen.

Who could ask for anything more?

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