WBY Cover

December, 1944 – Members of the SS Occult Bureau have mystically diverted an Allied plane carrying bandleader Glen Miller to a USO concert in France, so they can steal his horn —  which they have learned is actually an ancient Instrument of Power, forged before the Dawn of Time for use in the Angelic Revolt, and once used by Joshua at the Battle of Jericho.

As Miller’s mystically controlled plane flies towards Berlin with Miller, Captain Harry Bailey, and USO stage performers Magerock and Tazara the Magicians on board, the ghost of Amelia Earhart carries word of this evil scheme to international crimebuster Doc Raven, adventuring archaeologist Montana Johnson, and that hard hitting, high flying duo Falconman and Falcongirl, who are all at that time in South America trying to stop a Nazi mission to find a Lost City of Gold.

Transported by magic to England, our heroic group runs into the jet pack wearing daredevil known as the Rocket Ranger, and with everyone aboard one of Doc’s experimental rocket planes, they race desperately to catch up to Miller’s hijacked aircraft.

In Berlin, a motley and vicious crew of Axis supervillains, including ancient wizard Myron Moulton, the alchemist Diabolico, brilliant scientist and necromancer Vassily Van Dammerung, the mysterious Dr. M, and Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler himself, squabble and bicker as they wait for Miller’s plane to arrive.

Will our heroes be able to prevent the ancient Horn of Power from falling into the insidiously evil hands of the Nazi mystics? Or is the entire earth doomed to march to the irresistible tune of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich?

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